Norwegian Institute of Public Health Oslo, Norway

Looking Back and Thinking Forward. From Scientific Evidence to Interventions Promoting Resilience Among War-Traumatized Children and their Families

Short Bio

Brit Oppedal is a senior researcher in the Department of Child Health and Development of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. She is the director of the department’s research program “Youth, Culture and Competence Study, YCC”, which was established in 2006 and involves projects targeting both refugee and voluntary immigrant populations of different ages and ethnic groups. One theme of her research is the role of multi-cultural context, acculturation, in the psycho-social development and integration of children of immigrants. Another focus is on predictors of stability and change in psychological well-being, and psychopathology such as depression, anxiety, aggression, and post-traumatic stress problems.

A substantial proportion of her research since 2006 has been with unaccompanied asylum-seeking and refugee minors (URMs), both in terms of epidemiological studies of their mental health, predictors of resilience and vulnerabilities among them, and the role of ethnic identity for their over-time psycho-social adjustment and integration. Dr. Oppedal is currently engaged in epidemiological studies of mental health among immigrant background children and youth, evaluation of trauma-focused interventions targeting URMs, and the development of interventions to promote the well-being and resilience of recently arrived refugees, both nationally and internationally.