PhD., Lois Autrey Betts Endowed Chair Vanderbilt Chancellor Appointed, University Professor, Departments of Health Policy (School of Medicine) and Human and Organizational Development (Peabody College) Vanderbilt University

School: Social Spaces for Youth Risk and Opportunities for Positive Development of Youth in the United States and South American through School-Based Preventive Interventions

Short Bio

Professor McBride Murry’s research focuses on examining the significance of context to everyday life experiences of African American families and youth; specific consideration is given to the implications of racism and other social structural stressors that marginalize families, for cascading influences on parenting and family functioning, mental and physical health, quality of life, and developmental outcomes and adjustment among youth. She has translated research from longitudinal research studies to inform the design, development and implementation of two RCTs to test their efficacy in youth risk behavior engagement. The Strong African American Families (SAAF) and the Pathways for African Americans Success (PAAS), not only prevented high risk behaviors but also demonstrated spillover effects on the enhancement of several educational-related outcomes among youth as they transition from middle childhood through high school. The next step is to disseminate these programs in real-world settings, community-based organizations, schools, primary health care, and churches. She is President of Society for Research on Adolescence and serves as board of director and governing councils, including National Academy of Medicine, and hold positions on numerous editorial boards. Murry is one of the 100 newly elected members to the 2000 Class of the National Academic of Medicine.